Frequently asked questions

What’s in a name?

The Village Green represents a space where people come together, to share ideas, connect with each other and build strong communities.

This project aims to support strong community groups to help create those spaces in all of our communities.

How will it work?

The Village Green will be a self-assessment toolkit. Operating as an online questionnaire, you can provide the relevant details about your community group.

Based on this information, the Village Green will provide suggestions to ensure compliance requirements and other areas of interest (such as fundraising, recruiting new volunteers, planning for the future, attracting new members). These suggestions will reflect the structure and priorities you’ve identified through the questionnaire.

Based on the priorities you identify, you will then be linked to relevant online resources.

What is the benefit in linking to existing resources?

There is a lot of governance information and resources already available online, produced by experts. The challenge for many community groups is navigating through all the information to work out what you actually need.

The Village Green will link to existing information because it avoids duplication, it helps ensures information will be kept up-to-date, and it connects community groups with experts.